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Let us book you an unforgettable experience swimming with wild Dolphins (year round) and whale watching (Seasonal) with Angie Gullan and her team at Dolphin encounters. Angie is the acknowledged “Dolphin queen” of Ponta do Ouro and has been observing and monitoring these amazing creatures since 1999.

Spend a bit of time first learning about the dolphins and their behaviour, and what responsible interaction really means. The next step is to listen to the briefing on boat safety, marine life and responsible interactions with Dolphins. The Dolphin Encounters team uses the regulated Swim Code of Conduct to swim with Dolphins – specifically created to ensure a sustainable eco-friendly approach.

Whatever happens, you will never forget the time you spend below the surface of the water with these special creatures. Did you know that when people mingle with Dolphins, it boosts their immune systems, improves their self-control, self-assurance and attention spans, and even deepens their sense of compassion?

Angie and her team operate for the Love of Dolphins, which means they limit interaction time, only have one boat and follow a no touch, chase, feed or dive down policy. Participants can be rest assured that the Dolphins best interests are put first, and that tours only take place in suitable conditions.

(prices starting pp from ZAR 480.00/ 2200.00 mts)


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